Do you to create a great positive buzz for your business? To achieve this goal, social media marketing has been a proven option for many marketers. With a great number of social media users worldwide, this has become an excellent marketing platform in promoting a certain product or service.

6 Rules for Influencing How Customers Will Review Your Brand

But apart from social media, this is also one proven strategy that could help your brand become popular online. That is thru third-party validation in the form of customer reviews. It can carry a persuasive power that advertising and marketing simply cannot match. According to the marketing site HubSpot, 52 percent of surveyed consumers say positive reviews make them more likely to consider a business (as compared to 28 percent who consider only location and price).

For your business, it is smart to consider obtaining positive customer reviews as part of your overall marketing strategy. Luckily for modern marketers, the reach of the Internet opens up lots of opportunity to connect with your customers.

Meanwhile, one thing to keep in mind when talking about customer reviews is that you can’t avoid negative ones even though you believe your product or service is outstanding. Whether these reviews are on social media or customer review websites, there are ways to get rid of them or at least minimise. When such reviews appear, it’s your opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

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